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Joe, I have been a nurse in the ICU of a hospital in Hialeah for 16 years.I have been taking the "product" for about 4 months now. During that time I have noticed a remarkable difference in the amount of energy I have during my day at work. I feel less tired and more energetic even when the stresses of the job pile up. The other remarkable thing I have noticed, is that even though many of my coworkers have gotten sick I have not had any health problems to speak of. I feel wonderful.
    Patricia Naranjo, Pembroke Pines, FL

When I began taking JOEBEES® in August, it took no longer than 9 days for me to start feeling the benefits. Most notably I didn't have to "coax" myself out of bed each morning and with 4 kids to get ready and be out the door by 8, being lazy is something I cannot afford. I thought, if I feel this good taking JOEBEES®, why not start exercising again and feel even better? So I joined our local gym. I began my regimen of working out 6 days a week, 4 of them being at the gym. Since I began I have lost almost 10 lbs. and inches here & there. My husband & I can't believe the energy we have. I definitely have more strength, more stamina, and my new- found confidence really shows in my attitude. I wish everyone knew about JOEBEES®.
    Theresa Miller, Middlefield, OH

Joe, I am amazed how fantastic I feel all the time since I started JOEBEES®! I am in my late 50's and I have always had energy, never napped, rarely cranky so after much thought I figured I didn't need another vitamin, Rx pill or energy drink so WHY JOEBEES®? So why not feel better? And that's how I got hooked on the Joebees! I never feel tired at the end of my work day, I do not get up in the middle of the night and I truly feel calm and productive all day long!! Great big cheers and thanks to the founder of this miracle pill filled with bee pollen and smiley faces (: (: (:!!!
    Marsha Phillips, Port Washington, NY

Dear Joe I got my joebees on friday and thanks for the t shirt. I listen to the really big show every day with tony rizzo here in Cleveland. I've been taking JOEBEES® for two years now. The energy they give is far better than any vitamin I've taken in the past. Have a great easter and its good to be alive.
    Thanks, Brian

I am a letter carrier in Ohio,and I work in all sorts of weather conditions. I also walk 8 miles a day, so I'm always looking for a little extra energy. Your product is every bit as good as advertised.
    Shawn Reed, Wellington, OH

To respect privacy I do not publish full names or addresses unless given specific permission. The FDA wants us to post this disclaimer... (“You may not achieve the same results as the consumers speaking in these testimonials. No federal study has been conducted which supports their results or conclusions”.) But folks, these are real people and these are their unsolicited testimonials - and I do believe them - JoeB




Adding my 100% Natural Bee Pollen to your everyday routine should start having a positive effect in about 4 weeks.


"I'd love it if you try adding my bee pollen to your daily regimen. Hopefully you will see the great benefits I've been getting for years." JoeB


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