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Why Free Range Bee Pollen?

So what is free-range bee pollen, and why is it such a big deal? It’s significant because JOEBEES® is one of the only manufacturers of bee pollen in the world that can say our product is truly “free range.” As a consumer, you want to know what you’re buying, and why one brand is better than another. With JOEBEES®, you can be confident that the product is exactly what we say it is. Our pollen is harvested from bees that live in an unrestricted environment in northern British Columbia, Canada. The bees are not confined to densely populated bee farms or apiaries that limit their ability to live naturally in the wild. If a manufacturer doesn’t state that their pollen is produced in a free-range environment, well... it isn’t. While we can’t claim our product to be organic – it is kind of hard to tell bees where they can and can’t go – we are 100% sure that JOEBEES® is all natural and produced in a free-range environment.