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Meet JoeB
An introduction to Joe. A typical guy, with an anything but typical attitude towards helping others.
Joe's Severe Injury
Listen to Joe talk about one of the worst experiences of his life, and how it was the starting point of his greatest discovery!
Commit to Get Fit
JoeB realizes that taking his pollen isn't the only step you need to take on that road to a better lifestyle.
Weight Loss
There is no magic bullet...but one step towards a healthier, slimmer you is exercise. No substitute for getting active. Be the 'shark'...keep moving.
Nature's Perfect Food
A fact known for centuries, Joe talks about the benefits of bee pollen and how it can help you.
We Love You
We listen to our clients and the operative word in the JOEBEES family is 'yes'. We exist to help you. Get in touch, stay in touch.
Joe Running
Join Joe B as he shares his at home exercise regimen running everyday. Get active and energized with JOEBEES® Free Range bee pollen
At Home with JOEBEES
Whether mowing the yard, running a few miles or cycling it all starts with JOEBEES pollen. Joe Bee gives a look into his exercise regimen at home in the suburbs of south florida.
Get More Energy
Feeling tired? Get energized with JOEBEES® free range bee pollen. This all natural nutritional supplement replaces your multi vitamin and makes you feel great!

'Thank you and continued good health to all of our friends.' JoeB

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