Joebees® bee pollen can help you look and feel great



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eat smart, exercise and take JOEBEES® Bee Pollen
feel great and attack life with Joebees


Bee Pollen has been called Nature’s Most Perfect Food. And JOEBEES® is always 100% Natural Bee Pollen - that's as good as it gets...JoeB.
Two Golden capsules every morning for 3 to 4 weeks. If you don’t see a positive change in how you feel, I’ll refund 100% of your order price. No questions.
Here's what JOEBEES® Family Members are saying!

feel better with Joebees
Every day is a better day...with JOEBEES®
Bee Pollen has been helping people for thousands of years
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joebees is 100% natural bee pollen


I treat every customer as family. If, for any reason, you don't absolutely "LOVE" my bee pollen, I'll do whateve it takes to take care of you! That statement isn't hype, or a gimmick. I stand behind every customer, every purchase, every day.

100% Money back guarantee-guaranteed

For over 13 years I've had the same policy...If you aren't happy with the results you get after taking JOEBEES® for a few weeks, reach out and I'll refund every penny you spent on your order!
My favorite phrase and mantra is now and has always been...
'Helping others is Life's Best Currency'
We Are All Family Here at JOEBEES®

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ESPN Clevelands' Super Star host talks Joebees.

Tony Rizzo It's JOEBEES® Time!

RizRant #1

RizRant #2

Thank You JOEBEES®

Get That Energy & Focus Folks

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE call 877.300.5632 24/7 to order JOEBEES® TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 877.300.5632

JOEBEES® Testimonials

  • JoeB JOEBEES® Works for me

    I would like to thank everyone at JoeBees! You have such a great product! You go above and beyond to make your customers feel like family and appreciated! I am so very grateful! I’m excited to be a part of the family and I look forward to using the product for years to come and recommending it to any person I can! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful company!
        Sincerely, Mario Dalessandro

  • Thank you JOEBEES® Works for me

    I have noticed a remarkable difference in the amount of energy I have during my day at work. I feel less tired and more energetic even when the stresses of the job pile up. The other remarkable thing I have noticed, is that even though many of my coworkers have gotten sick I have not had any health problems to speak of. I feel wonderful.
        Patricia Naranjo, Pembroke Pines, FL

  • WOW!JOEBEES® Works for me

    I never feel tired at the end of my work day, I do not get up in the middle of the night and I truly feel calm and productive all day long!! Great big cheers and thanks to the founder of this miracle...bee pollen and smiley faces (: (: (:!!!
        Marsha Phillips, Wellington, NY

  • Hello JOEBEES® Works for me

    I am a letter carrier in Ohio,and I work in all sorts of weather conditions. I also walk 8 miles a day, so I'm always looking for a little extra energy. Your product is every bit as good as advertised.
        Shawn Reed, Wellington, OH


    More Testimonials


I don't make any promises. But...
just as you read above- for over 13 years JOEBEES® family members have been saying some fantastic things about my product!

About JoeB's Pollen

JoeB has been sharing his message for over 14 years. His business is his passion as is his desire to help others experience the benefits he's had after including bee pollen into his personal daily regimen. People all over the world, of all ages have also felt those benefits. One of the 'hidden benefits' of adding JOEBEES® is the weight loss that can occur when you become more active. Let's face it, we, and thousands of our Joebees family members, believe that adding bee pollen to your daily regimen will do wonders for your well being.
Better fitness is the result of a number of things. Most of which are fairly easy to do... JOEBEES® in the morning, a little exercise, healthy foods and nutrition awareness can all add up to 'feeling great'! Joe takes pride in his JOEBEES® knowing that, unlike some other pollen companies, his pollen is never 'watered down' with any less expensive additives.

At JOEBEES® we don't guarantee any particular results from taking our Bee Pollen. We do guarantee that if you aren't noticing any increase in energy, better sleep or any of the other benefits mentioned above and in our many testimonials; we will send every penny back to you.

Feel Great and Attack Life!
100% JoeB :)


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