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What Members of the JOEBEES® Family Are Saying
To respect privacy I do not publish full names or addresses unless given specific permission.
The FDA wants us to post this disclaimer... (“ You may not achieve the same results as the consumers speaking in these testimonials. No federal study has been conducted which supports their results or conclusions”.) But folks, these are real people and these are their unsolicited testimonials - and I do believe them - JoeB
"Comin' up on 65 years old....the thing I like about JOEBEES®....I noticed a difference right away, it's not a zippa dee do da type thing, ya just kinda have sustained energy the whole  day...that's really what I like about it"
                Randy Baker, West Palm, Fl
Testimonial- Radio Host Peter Leonard
Joe, I had procrastinated about starting JOEBEES® for about a year and a half when Tony Rizzo started talking about it on WKNR 850. Thanks to you putting a bottle in the gift bags at the Really Big Show Golf Outing at Coppertop last year, I have been taking 2 a day since then. I noticed a definite uptick in my energy level over the course of a day, and almost always take one more later in the day when I am going to play hockey or golf. I have had mild allergies for years, but for whatever reason, I find that other than the occasional runny nose, allergy problems have become a thing of the past. Keep up the good work! Hans Van Wormer
    Hans Van Wormer, Elyia, OH
Joe, I am amazed how fantastic I feel all the time since I started JOEBEES®! I am in my late 50's and I have always had energy, never napped, rarely cranky so after much thought I figured I didn't need another vitamin, Rx pill or energy drink so WHY JOEBEES®? So why not feel better? And that's how I got hooked on the Joebees! I never feel tired at the end of my work day, I do not get up in the middle of the night and I truly feel calm and productive all day long!! Great big cheers and thanks to the founder of this miracle pill filled with bee pollen and smiley faces (: (: (:!!!
    Marsha Phillips, Port Washington, NY
Joe, I just ordered my 1st 6 month order. I tried JOEBEES® for 30 days in November and I can feel the difference! No more afternoon "slumps" and in the evening I still ready to do more after 8 hours at work... I'm sold on JoeBees....
    Terry (Nov 2010)
Joe, I have been taking your product for the last 7 months. I questioned the ads on the radio (WKNR) and highly doubted the results I was hearing. You can just imagine how surprised I am now 45 pounds lighter and feeling great. Also as a side benefit I suffered from a severe case of Rosasia which left a nasty red rash on my face. I tried everything the doctors ordered but nothing worked. Since I've started using your product I have had no sign of the skin disease. This alone has made me a believer in JOEBEES® and I tell everyone that will listen my story. Thanks again for your product!
    Bill Drake, Cleveland Ohio
Dear Joe I got my joebees on friday and thanks for the t shirt. I listen to the really big show every day with tony rizzo here in Cleveland. I've been taking JOEBEES® four two years now . The energy they give is far better than any vitamin I've taken in the past. Have a great easter and its good to be alive.
    thanks Brian
When I began taking JOEBEES® in August, it took no longer than 9 days for me to start feeling the benefits. Most notably I didn't have to "coax" myself out of bed each morning and with 4 kids to get ready and be out the door by 8, being lazy is something I cannot afford. I thought, if I feel this good taking JOEBEES®, why not start exercising again and feel even better? So I joined our local gym. I began my regimen of working out 6 days a week, 4 of them being at the gym. Since I began I have lost almost 10 lbs., and inches here & there. My husband & I can't believe the energy we have. I definitely have more strength, more stamina, and my new- found confidence really shows in my attitude. I wish everyone knew about JOEBEES®.
    Theresa Miller, Middlefield, OH
I am over 50 now and until I started taking my golden capsules I felt it. JOEBEES® gives me day-long energy. Not the jittery kind, but a clearness of mind and a days worth of ability to face what life throws at me. The biggest benefit I have seen thus far is that when I sleep, I wake feeling rested. During the day I feel alive; not dragging through to reach the end. I used to take multi-vitamins but since starting JOEBEES® 4 months ago, I can tell the difference. Vitamins did nothing and JOEBEES® does it all.
    Bruce Mencer, Massillon, OH
I have been a nurse in the ICU of a hospital in Hialeah for 16 years.I have been taking the "product" for about 4 months now. During that time I have noticed a remarkable difference in the amount of energy I have during my day at work. I feel less tired and more energetic even when the stresses of the job pile up. The other remarkable thing I have noticed, is that even though many of my coworkers have gotten sick I have not had any health problems to speak of. I feel wonderful.
    Patricia Naranjo, Pembroke Pines, FL
I am a letter carrier in Ohio,and I work in all sorts of weather conditions. I also walk 8 miles a day, so I'm always looking for a little extra energy. Your product is every bit as good as advertised.
    Shawn Reed, Wellington, OH
My husband and i both love JOEBEES®. We swear by them. They are the best. They do everything Rizzo (Tony Rizzo-KNR Cleveland Host) says.
    Mike & Yvonne Zahurak, Southington, OH
We're not making this stuff up folks! These are real people,
taking JOEBEES® and getting these wonderful results...

I just moved to the Altanta area, and was intrigued by your bee pollen plugs (radio spots), but being one who doubts these miracle drugs or cures¯, I was somewhat reluctant. Am I glad now I took the leap. This stuff is awesome. I just finished my first months supply and have already reordered a 6 month supply. My energy level is way up and I don't have to drink 6 cups of coffee a day to get woke up.

I have also lost 6 pounds this month because my metabolism is higher and I have more energy to walk in the evenings. When I wake up in the morning I feel more alert than before. I seem to stay on a more even keel throughout the day which my family really likes!! I am telling everyone I know about JOEBEES® because it does work.
    Kevin Kirkpatrick, Achworth, GA
I appreciate the "coaching". I really do. I have been taking JOEBEES® now for just a month and a day. Two days ago I was telling a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, "I feel better now than I have in the last 10 years...I can't really put my finger on it but I just feel pretty good." His reply, "you look like you do." It must be the JOEBEES®. I will continue them as I gotta believe I am just on the beginning edge of what they can do for me. I got my order last week and really apreciated the extra extra bottle. Thanks
PS - I do have a !JOEBEES® folder in my outlook. Take care and please keep in touch.
    Bruce Mencer, Massillon, OH
After taking JOEBEES® for 4 months now, after 2 weeks I felt less tired and more energetic which helps me tremendously during my 12 hour shifts at my EMS job. I sleep better. I don't get sick when everyone else is. My digestive system has improved as well. A registered nurse friend of mine told me that natural bee pollen helps your respiratory system, and after I was told that, I thought back, and with that in mind, it does help, because I am a smoker, and now and then I use to get a little short of breath, not anymore. She told me it helps clear your bronchial tubes in your lungs, and yes, I found myself coughing up flem that I never did before a couple of hours after I took 2 capsules. I tell everyone about JOEBEES®, give it 2 weeks and you will too.
    Aaron Young, Lakewood, OH
I have 5 women working for me, four of whom are more than half my age and have small children in day care. that are always catching a bug of some type from their children. I have been taking Joe Bees for about 8 months and have warded off the "bug" at least four times. They are all sick again, and all I do is take an extra 2 of my Joe Bees, and so far, so good. It took a month for me to notice the difference, but I definitely had more energy and I have stayed healthy. I suffer from Barrett's Syndrome, which has chronic heartburn as a side effect. My heartburn has all but gone away, as well. I feel great. I highly recommend JOEBEES®.
     Sharon Dolitsky, Davie, FL
I'm only 24, so I probably don't have as dramatic an "improvement" as older folks. But nonetheless, I have had a noticed increase in energy during the day, my mind feels clearer, and JOEBEES® has had an excellent effect on my digestion. It is also reassuring to know that I can take a nutritional supplement without having to worry about any chemicals, unwanted side effects, or having to go broke buying it. I'm truly glad I have JOEBEES®.
    Mark K.

I've been taking JOEBEES® for 2 months now and my days are filled with a lot more energy!
Thank you !
  Phil L. Jr
After a serious illness, surgery and chemo therapy, two years later, exhausted by mid afternoon, I needed to rest each day. Now after taking JOEBEES® for the past three months, I no longer run out of energy in the afternoon, I feel much better. Thank you, your product has helped to changed my life.
    Linda L.
 I'm am 48 years old and have repairing major appliances for the past 26 years. Feeling run down, hitting the snooze button 3-4 times every morning and sitting in my recliner at night was too much for me. My multi vitamins didn't seem to do much and my lack of energy was taking its toll.   Then one morning I heard Garry Meier talking about your product and how he felt great in the morning and was able to stay up later at night. Researching bee pollen on the Internet backed up his claims. Your product seemed to be the purest and best out there and after reading your web site I decided to try it.   After just 2 weeks I could feel the difference. More energy at night and no longer hitting the snooze button but getting up refreshed and rested. Also noticed a change in the bedroom as did my wife!  Still trying to get the exercise thing going. Ive started by walking the dogs after work. Better than nothing I guess. Anyway, this is my 3rd order and I plan on being a lifelong member of the JOEBEES® family.     Thanks again Joe and as Steve and Garry say,"High Hive Me!"
        Jim - Bartlett, IL
I heard about your product...and I ordered a 1 month supply just to see if the claims could really be accurate. Sure enough, I feel a noticable difference in my energy since beginning to take 2 capsules every day, first thing in the morning. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress and yet have not gotten sick or even felt particularly run down. Thank you for making such an effective and affordable product!
This product is everything that's advertised and more. i have more energy, stamina and feel better than I have ever before...
     Marty P
I have been on JOEBEE’S™ BEE POLLEN for a little over 3 weeks almost done with my first bottle. I cannot begin to explain how happy I was this morning, for the first time in twenty one years I was thrilled and surprised to the fact that I was on my menstrual cycle with no pain. You see for the past twenty one years I have suffered of really bad pre menstrual cramps letting me know that in the next one to two days I would be menstruating. This time I had no notice at all. NO PAIN, NO SYMPTOMS, NO NOTHING just SURPRISE!!!!! A TRUE BLESSING!!! I owe it all to JOEBEES®™!!!! Truly I wanted to give this a fair shot so I made sure I wasn’t taking anything else with JOEBEES®™ so that I could see its true effect on my body. I expected energy, stamina and other minor changes but WOW WEEEEEEE !!!!!! I GOT A BONUS!!!!!! NO MENSTRUAL PAIN!!!! I’m HAPPY!!!! I will definitely suggest JOEBEES®™ to my friends and family. Thank you so much for this product.
     Mirna Hernandez, Miami, FL
I just started taking JOEBEES® a little over a month ago and I really started to feel a difference in my energy level. I'm looking forward to my next shipment so I can continue feeling this way.
    David V
Your bee pollen is very good. I can feel the difference in one week from the other bee pollen I was taking...I feel a surge of energy in the afternoon from this bee pollen unlike the other brand I was taking. Thank you 4 the great bee pollen. You have a happy man here... High 5 me.
    Fred B

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